The Final Touch

The Final Touch ©: the last addition needed to make something complete.

Final touch photo

This is the site of The Final Touch made by 2,000 people or more in the past 75 years; the Golden Gate Bridge. It was their last tangible encounter before they died. Their hands rested on cold steel and they were alone, confused and in pain. The few who survived the fall admit they immediately regretted their actions, were grateful to be alive and insisted a barrier is needed.

The final touch of the Golden Gate Bridge was never completed.

Engineer Joseph Strauss was determined to have limited loss of life during this bridge construction.  He was a leader in ensuring the safety of his workers by using leather helmets, safety lines and a safety net. This woven net saved many men during the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Strauss was also adamant that this bridge would not be a site for suicides. In 1936 he told the San Francisco Call that suicide would be improbable if not impossible based on his railing design.

Unfortunately the design of the bridge was changed by architect Irving Morrow.

Now the Golden Gate Bridge has become an international symbol for suicide and the site of the most suicides from a structure in the world.

Now is the time to create The Final Touch © and make this bridge as Joseph Strauss intended; Where suicides are improbable, if not impossible.

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